Floyd Mayweather offered Marcos Maidana trilogy fight

WBN spoke to Cali, who was lined up to face Maidana in his comeback exhibition later this month. The coronavirus put the fight on hold, but that didn’t stop Cali predicting Maidana could win a third fight if Mayweather accepts. “I think Maidana is already under 30 kilos from his previous weight and has undoubtedly shown his desire to return to the ring,” Cali exclusively told World Boxing News. “Maidana is still only 36 years old and he can definitely come back (to full-time professional boxing). He could even say, to improve his level. I know he would believe that if he had a new fight with Floyd, Marcos could win with no doubts this time. “I think we all saw the first fight and think he won it. That’s why there was that second one where Floy proved to be the undisputed number one.” Just a short time later, and Mayweather Promotions put out a video of Maidana losing to Mayweather twice during their 2014 saga. “They thought they could crack the MayVinci code,” they said

Team Maidana fired back, stating the Argentine would be ready to rumble early next year. “The boxing world knows who won. Yes to @FloydMayweather. He had some doubt, El Chino Maidana has available February and March 2021.  @trboxing @daznglobal @GoldenBoyBoxing @OscarDeLaHoya,” said Chino Maidana Promotions.

Mayweather is now 43 years old, whilst Maidana hasn’t fought for six years after retiring from boxing at the age of 29 after facing the former pound for pound king. A 2018 comeback was called off before Madiana dusted off his gloves for the Cali exhibition. The fight will be rescheduled soon. Meanwhile, Maidana continues to train hard for the impending battle and looks in super shape after previously ballooning in weight.

Floyd Mayweather offered Marcos Maidana trilogy in Feb / March 2021 | WBN – World Boxing News


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