Former MMA coach: Jones stole from my family

Former Jackson Wink MMA coach and UFC fighter Frank Lester has a bone to pick with Jon Jones.

Lester accused Jones, as well as Jackson Wink leader Mike Winkeljohn, of doing him “dirtier than I have ever even seen in this fight game.” Lester alleged Jones still owes him $13 000 in coaching fees from his July title defense against Thiago Santos.

“I have no regrets, I did my job and everybody who has followed my journey knows I did my job, Jon Jones & Mike Winkeljohn just did me dirtier that I have ever even seen in this fight game,” Lester wrote. “But good always prevails over evil and we have a home big enough for all of us.”

Lester went on to announce the opening of his own training facility TANK Mixed Martial Arts.

Image: БТА

“Karma is real,” Lester said. “And Jon, it’s on site with me & you & you know that. You stole from my family. You got me fired from my job for no reason and for that I am grateful bc I will never work for a crook like Mike Winkelloser again.

“I’m 10X ‘s the coach you’ve ever been. You just bought out Greg’s name and unfortunately JACKSONS was out in the control of a dirtbag. But (expletive) you all very much!”

In the last few lines of the Instagram post, Lester took the situation a step further when he told Jones to “keep that security close”.

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