Francisco Filho, the “Kyokushin Monster”

Francisco Filho is one of the best ever Kyokushin and K-1 fighters.

Some of his best accomplishments are:

1995 100 Man Kumite Complete
1997 1st Kyokushin World Heavyweight Tournament Champion
1999 7th Kyokushin World Tournament Champion
2000 K-1 World Grand Prix in Yokohama Champion
2001 K-1 World Grand Prix in Fukuoka Repechage A Champion
2001 K-1 World Grand Prix Runner Up

vs Andy Hug ※ Knockout – Left High Kick ※
vs Andy Hug ※ Knockout – Right Hook ※
vs Duane Van Der Merwe ※ Knockout – Spinning Back Kick ※
vs Sam Greco ※ Knockout – Right Hook ※
vs Peter Aerts ※ Technical Knockout – Cut Shin ※
vs Rick Roufus ※ Knockout – Right Low Kick ※
vs Ernesto Hoost ※ Knockout – Right Hook ※
vs Matt Skelton ※ Knockout – Right Uppercut ※
vs Cyril Abidi ※ Technical Knockout – Left Low Kick ※
vs Sergei Ivanovich
vs Peter Aerts ※ Technical Knockout – Broken Instep ※
vs TOA
vs Remy Bonjasky

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