Frank Warren: It doesn’t look like Wilder trilogy will happen in 2020

Frank Warren, co-promoter for WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury, believes the trilogy fight with Deontay Wilder is likely pushing over to 2021.

Fury has been itching to get back in the ring as soon as possible.

“He wants to fight for obvious reasons, he’s been training hard as a lot of fighters have. It’s not just about the money with him, it’s about getting back out there”, Warren told BT Sport.

“I think it’s getting to him a bit as it is a lot of fighters. It’s well documented the problems he had getting back and boxing has been his saviour. We have got to keep him focused that he can fight, he wants to fight. If we can’t get the Wilder fight, we have got to look at something else, work between us and work with everyone concerned”.

Image: БТА

“We have to make sure he says focused, because next year if we get the crowds back, there’s some massive fights. We have got to get rid of this Wilder fight, it was supposed to take place in June or July and at the moment it doesn’t look like it will take place this year. Unless Bob Arum pulls a rabbit out the hat and puts it on in the States, but I think he will struggle to do that because they are in the same boat as us with no crowds.”

“The last fight got the highest ever grossing fight to take place in Vegas, that is a massive amount of money, 20 million, and that’s not going to be there. So you’ve got to find it so the guys can get the purses they are looking for.”

In the February rematch, Fury destryed Wilder to capture the WBC world title at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

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