Frank Warren reacts to dropping record $41 million bid

Frank Warren is flying high after slamming down a record shattering bid to secure the promotional rights to Tyson Fury – Dillian Whyte.

On Friday, Warren submitted a massive bid of over $41 million – nearly $9 million more than Whyte’s promoter, Eddie Hearn.

The fight was negotiated for months, with the two sides being unable to reach an agreement – which forced a purse bid after several postponements.

The fight will obviously take place in the UK, in a large stadium setting.

“We promised to deliver for our man and we did by winning the purse bid for Tyson Fury’s WBC heavyweight title defense against Dillian Whyte. It was an offer of $42 million, which just shows our commitment to the Gypsy King,” Warren said to Daily Star.

Image: БТА

“According to the WBC, it was the highest purse bid in their history. We back our fighters and this is further proof. We are really happy to be working alongside Top Rank in putting on this huge all-British heavyweight clash. There will be an announcement next week on the date and the venue – but it looks like Fury will be coming home to the UK after conquering America.”

“Now the talking is over, the fight is happening and Tyson can focus on getting back into the ring. It is going to be a great fight, I’m sure of that. Whyte has got his wish of a world title shot and he better make sure he is ready for it. It is going to be a war between two top British heavyweights. But there is only one winner. That will be Tyson Fury.”

“We are also so happy to have a fight set for Tyson. He fought brilliantly against Deontay Wilder in October and delivered one of the best heavyweight fights of all time. But before that he was out of the ring for so long due to Covid-19 and all the delays which meant he had just one fight in 20 months. He needs to be active and he will be back in the ring soon now.”

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