Fury jumped into a cold Scottish river to a lost bet

Former boxing world champion Tyson Fury shocked onlookers as he jumped into a cold Scottish river.

The 30-year-old was in Dublin, taking part in an evening talk at the Whitehall Theatre on Friday. After a training session, The Gypsy King took off his clothes and, only in his shorts, dove into the water. The reason way he did that was revealed by Foxlake manager Zak Hegarty for thecourier.co.uk.

“They had just done some training across the road and one of them came over and said Tyson had lost a bet and could he jump in. We get a lot of people on stag dos and things like that asking the same thing and we always say no but you don’t say no to Tyson Fury. People were pretty surprised”, he said.

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