UFC fighter arrested over 20 charges

A UFC fighter has been arrested in the United States after being charged with 20 counts related to a horrific car crash back in August 2018.

According to mmafighting.com, Desmond Green was taken into custody Tuesday night and is incarcerated at the Broward County jail in Florida with bonds totaling $194,000.

Green faces numerous charges related the crash that left two people dead and several more injured. Some of those charges are multiple counts of DUI manslaughter, DUI and serious bodily injury, possession of cocaine, marijuana possession, and driving without a license, which was a second offense for the veteran lightweight competitor.

Photo: sherdog.com

The tragic car crash happened on Aug. 18 of last year around 6 a.m. ET when Green reportedly lost control of his 2011 Dodge Durango, veering into the path of a tractor-trailer, which led to a colossal accident involving numerous other drivers.

The accident ultimately claimed the lives of 67-year old Emelina Morfa and 76-year old Emma Suarez Hernandez, who were killed during the car crash.

Two more motorists — Mily Vita-Vega, 65, and Teresa Jaramillo, 58 — were seriously hurt in the ensuing crash before being taken to a local hospital for treatment. Several other people were also involved in the crash but ultimately Green only sustained minor injuries.

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