Gabriel Almeida defeats Manuel Ribamar at F2W 149

Fight 2 Win 149 produced an outstanding main event between two black belts – Gabriel Almeida and Manuel Ribamar.

It was the fourth time those two were have faced each other, with the first three all going in Manuel’s favor. Initially, Almeida had to roll with Keenan Cornelius, but the American pull out due to back injury, and he was replaced by Ribamar.

Ribamar kicked off the action by pulling guard, and Almeida established control by locking up one of Ribamar’s legs under his arm. Ribamar then pulled one of Almeida’s legs through to put the competitors in a loose 50/50 position, with Almeida controlling one of Ribamar’s lapels. Almeida got to his feet and then returned to the ground, then both competitors disengaged and released their grips to return the match to the feet. Ribamar briefly went back to playing guard, but the match quickly returned to the feet. Almeida jumped guard and then opened it as he hit the ground, and Ribamar worked to pass, but Almeida fought his way back to the feet. They nearly tumbled off the stage as Almeida once again jumped guard, and though Ribamar was working on passing, the referee reset the competitors on the feet. Ribamar then pulled guard and worked his grips, and Almeida tried one more attempt to pass but wasn’t able to before time ran out.

This time, Almeida got the UD victory over Ribamar, making it 3-1.


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