Gilbert Burns wants Colby Covington

Gilbert Burns might have lost his championship fight with Kamaru Usman, but the Brazilain has his eyes on his next fight.

“Durinho” got KO’d by his former teammate at UFC 258 in his first-ever title fight, but the BJJ specialist is already planning on his return to the number 1 challenger position.

Burns said that after his recent loss he went back to the hotel and started planning his route back to the top.

“At first, when I got back to the hotel, I was already thinking, ‘OK, I want to fight Colby next,’” Burns told MMA Junkie. “Then Colby is fighting Leon Edwards. ‘OK, give me Michael Chiesa.’ The names were going. Maybe ‘Wonderboy.’ But to be honest, right now I don’t know. I just saw Colby-Leon I don’t think is going to happen. That was the one that should happen. We’ll see. Now we’ve got some time, especially with the whole division laid off like that. It looks Kamaru is going to fight Masvidal.

“One fight and back to the title would only be Colby Covington,” Burns added. “That’s the only one. Or Leon Edwards, if until May he doesn’t get another opponent, and then I fight him. That’s the fight. So I don’t know who I want. I want every single one of these guys. I’ll fight Khamzat. I’ll fight ‘Wonderboy.’ I’ll fight Michael Chiesa. It depends. If the UFC says you need two fights, then I’ll be a little bit behind on the rankings and then a guy upfront on the rankings, but if they say one fight, OK, give me Colby Covington.”

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