Jan Blachowicz predicts second-round head kick KO of Adesanya

UFC light heavyweight champion Jan Blachowicz made a bold prediction on the outcome of his upcoming fight with middleweight king Israel Adesanya.

The two champions are set to face each other at UFC 259 next month with the light heavyweight belt on the line.

Image: БТА

The bout will mark Jan’s first title defense as well as Adesanya’s first light heavyweight fight in his career. The 37-year-old Blachowicz captured the strap in September when he defeated Dominick Reyes.

Even though “The Last Stylebender” is the bookmaker’s favorite going into the fight, Jan believes he’ll get the job done. Not only that, the Polish brute gave a hint on how he thinks the fight will unfold.

“I don’t focus on [Adesanya], I focus on me,” Blachowicz said. “I don’t focus on him and his hype and stuff like this. I focus on my shape, my cardio, about my strengths. I’m focused on everything around me, not around him.

“He’s just another opponent and I just have to beat him,” Blachowicz added. “And this is one thing I have in my head right now, nothing else.”

“We see his holes,” Blachowicz said. “Where we can put our fists on his face. We know that he is a really good stand up fighter, really good striking, really good footwork. And he has his own style but we are ready for that.

“Maybe [past opponents] were afraid of him. I am not. Maybe they don’t fight the way how to beat him. I’m going to be the first one. And after our fight, he will be 20-1.”

“I see KO in the second round,” Blachowicz said. “Left high kick on his head. This is what I see.

“I believe in my style, I believe in my power, I believe that I can beat him and I will. And I promise you he is gonna feel ‘The Legendary Polish Power’.”

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