GLORY signs heavyweight Tarik Khbabez

The world’s premier kickboxing league – GLORY, has announced the signing of heavyweight Tarik Khbabez.

The 28-years-old Moroccan-Dutch heavyweight trains under Maikel Polanen at ARJ Trainingen in the Netherlands. Khbabez started his kickboxing career in 2013 and has a professional record of 15 wins, 6 losses and 1 draw, securing wins against top fighters such as Anderson Silva, Ibrahim El Bouni and Andrei Stoica.

Khbabez is a former ONE Championship light heavyweight contender.

“I don’t come to score points, I come to win. Everyone who stands in front of me in the ring wants to take away from me what I’ve been fighting for for years. I just won’t let that happen,” said Khbabez.

“Our heavyweight division was already known as the strongest in the world, but we are constantly on the lookout for new talent. Tarik is a name we had missed: a strong, spectacular fighter. By adding him to the division, we can continue giving GLORY fans what they deserve: the most amazing and sensational fights between the best fighters in the world,” said Robbie Timmers, GLORY Head of Talent.

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