Gordon Ryan wins double gold at Worlds No Gi in California

The american grappling sensation Gordon Ryan won the ultra-heavyweight and the absolute division at the IBJJF World No Gi championship in Anaheim, California.”King Ryan” had total of 8 matches in the competition and won 4 by them via submission, which according to him was not good enough.  The grappler expressed his apologies in the social media to his fans that he did not get the finish in all of his fights.

In the final of his division he faced Roberto Cyborg Abreu and won via DQ. Cybog conceded 2 points via repeated penalties for passivity / inactivity and then got DQ’d for slapping Ryan in the face. Ryan worked only from seated guard the entire match and struggled to make a real connection with Cyborg, who mostly stayed on the outside and avoided getting too deep into Ryan’s game. Yuri Simoes, who Gordon beat 11-0 in the semi-final, got the silver medal due to the brazilian being DQ`ed.

Yuri and Gordon faced each other again in the final of the absolute division and this time Simoes gave Gordon a very hard time. The brazilian played a careful strategy obviously developed with his coach Caio Terra and worked to pass without getting sucked into Gordon’s leg entanglements. It worked for almost the full match save for a moment earlier where Gordon got an advantage for a near butterfly guard sweep in the first minute of the match.

You can check the full results from the black belt division here.

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