Grappling Industries to host World Championship, all participants compete for free

Grappling Industries has grown by leaps and bounds over the past three years, initially expanding throughout the United States and Canada and more recently taking their well oiled tournaments to multiple European countries.

Known for crisp production, a competitor friendly rule set and their rapid expansion throughout the market, GI has proven to be a force in the competitive jiu-jitsu competition market.

Today, the promoters of Grappling Industries announced their very first ever “World Championship” to be hosted at the Europa Games Expo in Dallas, Texas.  This development should come as no surprise considering GI’s recent major expansion, including back to back hugely successful outings at the Arnold Classic, but most impressive of all, the Grappling Industries World Championship will be FREE to all competitors — an unheard-of move in the world of competitive grappling.

I reached out to Grappling Industries’ North American director, Marcos Flores, to get the scoop on the event.

“This is where people will be able to call themselves a Grappling Industries World Champion.   Of course, what does that really mean? We run almost 200 events a year all over the world. We are hoping that other countries will come in for this and allow our US competitors to have a chance to compete against our Australia, Europe, and UK competitors.”

At the end of the day, GI has grown to a level where they can support this level of competition

“We have always wanted to do a Grappling Industries Worlds Event. David [Aguzzi] and I were kicking around the idea of where and when. We secured the Europas for 2020 and decided to bring it to Dallas. We know no one has ever held an event of this magnitude for free and thought we could give back to the jiu-jitsu community.”


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