Groenhart dismantles Troy Jones at GLORY 70

GLORY Kickboxing returned to the Palais des Sports de Gerland in Lyon, France for its 70th event. The night’s headliner featured former champion Murthel Groenhart (69-24-3) against American Troy Jones (13-2) for the interim welterweight title. The Dutchman Groenhart was originally slated to challenge current titleholder Cédric Doumbé, but the Frenchman was forced to withdraw due to an elbow injury. Jones stepped in on just 12 days’ notice and looked to build off his first-round knockout win at GLORY 68 in Miami.

Jones used his jab early in the fight, backing up Groenhart. The experienced former titleholder was patient, just missing with a powerful left hook. A low kick from “The Predator” punished the rear leg of Jones. The American returned fire with a low kick of his own. Jones scored with a body kick and then evaded a flurry from Groenhart. A flying knee from Groenhart just missed and Jones cracked him with a right hand just as the round came to a close.

The pace picked up in round two, with both fighters increasing their kicking output. Jones scored with his low kick and then a solid right hand. Groenhart exploded with a heavy right hand, but Jones was able to stay out of range.

Jones caught Groenhart with a right hand along the ropes, but his success was short-lived. A massive right hand from Groenhart caught Jones clean and sent him crashing to the canvas. Jones survived the count, but Groenhart sensed a finish and went for it. He overwhelmed Jones along the ropes with punches and put him out for good.

“That was the gameplan, feel him out a bit. Then I attacked and it was done. That’s what a ‘Predator’ does, smells blood and goes for the kill,” said Groenhart.

“I want the clown next. Fix your elbow. Get your sh*t together!”


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