Hakuho and Asanoyama captured ninth straight win

Yokozuna Hakuho and newly-promoted ozeki Asanoyama each captured their ninth straight win Monday at a July Grand Sumo Tournament.

The competition now looks like a two-horse race.

Just two wrestlers remain a win behind the joint leaders to maintain the pressure after nine days of action at Tokyo’s Ryogoku Kokugikan — sekiwake Shodai and former ozeki Terunofuji.

Hakuho slapped down No. 4 maegashira Aoiyama (3-6) to close out the elite makuuchi division bouts on Day 9. The Bulgarian was facing overwhelming odds, having fought the 44-time champion 23 times for just one win, which was the result of a withdrawal by Hakuho.

Asanoyama survived a scare against Okinoumi (4-5), tossing the komusubi down by the belt with an overarm throw in a rematch after they crashed down at the same time in their first bout.

The July meet was moved from Nagoya to Tokyo in order to limit travel and prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Only about 2,500 spectators are admitted each day to the Ryogoku Kokugikan, less than a quarter of the venue’s capacity.

Source: The Japan Times

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