Hakuho and Asanoyama remain flawless in Tokyo

Yokozuna Hakuho and new ozeki Asanoyama mode it to eight straight wins at the July Grand Sumo Tournament on Sunday. Now they sit in a two-way tie for the lead after sekiwake Mitakeumi suffered his first defeat.

Hakuho fended off a spirited attack from No. 4 maegashira Kagayaki (3-5) in the final bout of Day 8 at Tokyo’s Ryogoku Kokugikan before slapping the rank-and-filer down to the clay.

Asanoyama collected his eighth win by beating No. 4 Aoiyama (3-5) from Bulgaria. The wrestler from Elhovo initially put up a fight but was quickly subdued after Asanoyama latched onto his belt and calmly drove him out.

Shodai (7-1) prevailed in a sekiwake showdown with Mitakeumi and handed the overnight co-leader his first loss of the tournament. Mitakeumi tried to shove his opponent back with a strong initial charge, but Shodai raised Mitakeumi up by his right arm and then thrust his opponent down when he was off balance.

In other bouts, Takakeisho (5-3) was quickly slapped down by No. 5 Hokutofuji (5-3). The demotion-threatened kadoban ozeki’s initial shove missed the mark as Hokutofuji slipped to the side and smacked him to the ground.

Komusubi Okinoumi (4-4) ended a three-match losing streak by defeating No. 1 Endo (2-6). Okinoumi kept Endo from getting a hold on his belt and shoved him over the straw.

The other komusubi, Daieisho, also improved to 5-3 with a rear push-out victory over No. 2 Onosho (0-8), who faces demotion in September’s grand tournament after falling to a losing record.

Of the four wrestlers who entered Day 8 with a 6-1 record, only Shodai and No. 17 Terunofuji were able to stay one win off the pace. Terunofuji, a former ozeki, muscled out No. 16 Nishikigi (2-6) to kick off the day’s elite-division bouts.

Makuuchi division newcomer, No. 15 Kotoshoho, and No. 10 Myogiryu fell further out of contention after losing to No. 12 Sadanoumi (4-4) and No. 15 Chiyomaru (2-6), respectively.

No. 14 Kotoshogiku (6-2) defeated No. 8 Chiyotairyu (3-5) and earned his 714th top-division win. The former ozeki is now tied for sixth all-time with retired yokozuna Kisenosato.

Source: The Japan Times

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