Hearn still expects Canelo vs. Saunders

Boxing promoter Eddie Hearn minds that Billy Joe Saunders is still on course to face Canelo Alvarez in the summer.

Saunders should be getting a career-high payday of $7.5 million for the fight, so Hearn definitely wants this fight to happen.

“I think everybody is still expecting that fight to still happen,” said Hearn to iFL TV. “At the moment there’s uncertainty about when we come back. You saw that Wimbleton got canceled today for the middle to late June.”

“Saunders was suspended by the British Boxing Board of Control pending a hearing, and hopefully that hearing will happen soon,” said Hearn on Saunders. “It’s always two sides with Billy Joe. Everybody that knows him, and everybody that sees stuff away from boxing.”

“Some things he publicized and other things he doesn’t publicize know that he’s a good guy and know he’s got a good heart. But I can’t just sit on the fence and say he wasn’t an idiot for doing it because he was. I understand the whole joke thing, but you’ve got to understand.”

“This isn’t an account that’s followed by 30 people that nobody cares about. You’re in the public eye, you’re a professional fighter and a world champion. Everything is going to be amplified but Billy Joe is a good bloke. My mate sent it to me, and he said, “Look at Billy Joe. He’s crazy.” I was, “Oh no.” I sometimes think somebody has got to get a hold of his social media, or the people filming it.”

“At what point do you film that and go, “Yeah, Billy, put that on your Facebook. That’s brilliant. We’re all a bit bored at the moment, but you still have a responsibility in the public eye. It’s frustrating because we know he’s a good guy with a good heart, but he shouldn’t have done it,” said Hearn on Saunders.

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