Hristiyan Korunchev won the Intercontinental WAKO PRO title

In what was the main event of the first ever SENSHI gala evening, Hristiyan Korunchev defeated Nikola Todorovic (SRB) and was crowned the Intercontinental WAKO PRO champion in the 78 kg category.

The bout was conducted in K-1 rules and both fighters gave their best shot.

The fans in hall “Kongresna” in Varna saw some pretty good fights and there is no doubt that this was the beginning of something big.

The main event itself went the full distance. After the full 5 rounds, the judges scored the fight 2:1 in favor of the Bulgarian, as that was his second victory over Todorovic via SD, the first one dating back when both guys were amateurs.

In the other title bout of the evening (European WAKO PRO) Lubo Yalovi from Serbia outclassed Boban Ilioski from Macedonia via 2:1 SD.

Fight card results:

Kristiyan Doichev vs. Stoyan Ilchev (DRAW) KWU Intеrnational Profesional League – full contact kyokushin, 3 rdsX2 mins

Ognyan Mirchev def. Predrag Miyailovica (KO, RD2)

Konstantin Mihailov def. Sevdalin Slavov via UD

Nikolai Yorgov def. Mitko Ashkilov (KO, RD1)

Dobroslav Radev def. Teodor Hristov via SD

Dimitar Penchev def. Sergey Zanosiev (KO, RD1)

Radoslav Kostov def. Eduard Aleksanyan via SD

Atanas Bojilov def. Alin Cimpan via UD

Bogadn Shumarov def. Ivan Timkov (KO, RD2)


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