SENSHI – The show you’ve never seen before (GALLERY)

A lot of action and some pretty hardcore fights. That’s the conclusion from the first ever SENSHI gala evening, that was held last night in Varna, Bulgaria.

Over 3000 fight fans were on the edges of their seats in hall “Kongresna”. The fight card had 10 K-1 fights and one KWU Intеrnational Professional League-full contact Kyokushin bout.

The event was arranged with the cooperation of “Armeec Insurance Joint Stock Company” and Boec.BG.

The crowd was entertained with a unique audio-visual show and a lot of flames. The whole gala evening was broadcasted live on Boec.BG, as some of the best muay thai and kickboxing fighter on the Balkans competed against Bulgaria’s top guys.

There were two title bouts – Lubo Yalovi (SRB) conquered the European WAKO PRO title in the 81 kg category, while Hristiyan Korunchev was crowned the new Intercontinental WAKO PRO champion in the 78 kg category.

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