ICHIGEKI 2007: Petar Martinov – Lucian Gogonel (VIDEO)

Back in 2007, Bulgaria’s Petar  Martinov squared up against the Romanian Lucian Gogonel at the gala evening ICHIGEKI – Professional Karate Kyokushin League, that took place in Sofia, Bulgaria. The weight limit of this bout was +90 kg.

Peter Martinov won the European Kyokushin heavyweight champion. The Bulgarian was 19-year-old and he had acquired 1st Dan. He had trained under the guidance of one of the pioneers of the Karate Kyokushin in Bulgaria – Shihan Asen Asenov.

Lucian Gogonel, meanwhile, is a lightweight World Champion, 6 times European Champion in 3 different weight categories, and multiple Champion of France and Romania.

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