Daniel Jacobs 3 kg heavier than Saul Alvarez

The IBF World middleweight champion Daniel Jacobs (35-2-0) was 3 kilograms heavier than his next opponent WBC and WBA “Super” middleweight champ Saul Alvarez (51-1-2). The mega-fight between the two is staged for May 4 in Las Vegas and it will be broadcasted live by DAZN.

30 days prior to the fight, the two boxers passed the first pre-weigh-in. The second one will be in two weeks and the third pre-weigh-in is scheduled one week prior to the event. They are required in order to prevent sudden dehydration that causes serious damage to boxers.

The Mexican tipped the scale at 76.2 kg which means he’s 4 kilograms above the limit. Jacobs, on the other hand, had just squeezed inside the limit at 79.5 kilograms approximately 7 kilos above the division weight limit.


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