Inside Terence Crawford’s training camp

Leading into Terence Crawford’s WBO welterweight title defense against Amir Khan on April 20, BT Sport takes us inside Crawford’s training camp as he prepares for the fight.

The video feature starts off right in the gym, with Crawford getting into some playful banter with others as he gets ready to kick off a training session. But with all the fun Crawford seemed to be having at the gym, the champion was asked if he viewed gym as ‘the office’ or just a fun place to be.

“It’s both” Crawford said. “You know, it’s business, it’s the office. I enjoy it ‘cause this is what I love to do. You know, I’ve been boxing since I was seven — this is pretty much all I know.

“I just look at myself as a complete fighter. There’s pretty much nothing I can’t do in the ring. I can fight going forward, I can fight going backwards, I can fight going side-to-side. I can box, I can counterpunch. I can slug it out, I can switch from orthodox to southpaw effectively. And I can outsmart and think my opponent in the ring.”

Shortly after we follow Crawford as he takes a trip to Colorado Springs for even more training — this time strength & conditioning work. His coaches there credit Crawford as being one the most disciplined and well rounded athletes they’ve ever seen before.


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