Instant classic: Musashi – Remy Bonjasky 2003 K-1 WGP (VIDEO)

The 11th annual K-1 World Grand Prix will forever be remembered as one of the finest heavyweight kickboxing productions in the history of mankind.

Once again the kickboxing elite was gathered together under one roof. More precisely- Tokyo Dome in Japan’s capital city. 8 of the finest kickboxer made it to the quarterfinals – Cyril Abidi, Francois Botha, Peter Graham, Remy Bonjasky, Ray Sefo, Musashi, Alexey Ignashov, and Peter Aerts.

67 320 fans are witnessing history- the home crowd hero Musashi and the 26-year-old Remy Bonjasky are the ones making it to the final. The fight marks the beginning of the “Remy’s Era” in pro kickboxing.

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