ISKA Japan Results: Team Holland vs. Team Japan

Former K-1 Heavyweight Star Musashi made his promotional debut with MUSASHI ROCK FESTIVAL a fusion of Kickboxing and Live Rock Music.

The fight card featured Japan versus Netherland teams with fighters fielded by K-1 Legends Ernesto Hoost and Peter Aerts against Team Musashi.

The heavyweight match that stole the show on 13th of January was between Yamashita Rikiya (Japan) representing Team Musashi faced Peter Arts Protégé Badr Ferdaous (Netherlands). Yamashita Rikiya a Karate fighter known as the “Heavy Tank of Doshin Kaikan” was giving away height, reach and weight, Ferdaous drew first blood connecting with a jumping knee opening a cut over Rikiya left eye, undeterred Rikiya pushed forward and dropped Ferdaous with a left high kick to take the first round. More heavy blows were exchanged in the second round but after a third inspection of Rikiya cut the Doctor stopped the fight and Ferdaous won by TKO. The team challenge result was a draw 1-1-1.

Japan vs Netherlands
Badr Ferdaous (Aerts) def. Yamashita Rikiya (Musashi) TKO R2
Asahara Shohei (Musashi) vs Pietje Doorje (Hoost) Draw
T-98 (Musashi) def. Ilyas Boukayoua (Aerts) U-Decision

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