It’s time for sambo in Belarus!

The International Sambo Tournament for the prizes of the President of the Republic of Belarus will be held in Minsk on February 20-21.

The tournament will bring together representatives of more than 20 countries, reports “”. Over the course of two days, they will identify the winners in the men’s and women’s Sports sambo competitions, as well as the men’s Combat sambo competitions.

The Sports Palace, which will once again host the traditional Minsk tournament, is perfectly visible right from the hotel. True, you can see mainly the side and back of the structure.

But at the entrance to the Palace guests are greeted by a large poster announcing the imminent start of the tournament.

The participants are gradually pulling themselves into the hall to stretch themselves, to lose weight – in general, to prepare for the tournament.

Inside the Sports Palace the II European Games are still breathing. By the way, it was on this arena that SAMBO competitions took place, and last year’s tournament for the president’s prizes became a test competition for these multisports games.

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