IWUF launches the Taiji project against COVID-19

The IWUF is taking action in launching the Taiji Project, in the battle against coronavirus pandemic.

Debuting a landmark series of more than 240 Taiji videos on WushuTV, with which, the IWUF hopes to help people around the globe to improve and strengthen both their health and spirit.

The Taiji Project has been in development for several years, the IWUF feels an urgency to begin publishing this video series in such a crucial moment, reports iwuf.org.

This is the first time in the IWUF’s history that the federation have produced so large and ambitious a project, and it illustrates IWUF’s deep commitment to promoting wushu as a powerful practice that can tangibly improve people’s lives everywhere.

About the Catalogue of Taijiquan and Taijijian Techniques

The Taiji Project consists of a catalogue of more than 240 videos of Taijiquan and Taijijian techniques. The Taiji Project’s current playlist consists of standardized techniques of Taijiquan (Tai Chi) and Taijijian (Tai Chi Sword) are well known from IWUF and CWA compulsory routines.

Every technique in the catalogue is listed by its name in Chinese characters, pinyin, as well as English translation.

Taijiquan has long been practiced for health. Whether boosting the immune system or helping recover from illness, from calming the mind to raising the spirit, IWUF firmly believes that taiji will redefine and reinvent its role in the 21st century.

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