Japan top medal table of AKF Senior Championships

Japan finished on top of the medal table of the 2019 AKF Senior Championships as the memorable event concluded in Tashkent (Uzbekistan). The best Asian karatekas were crowned at the tournament that showcased the excellent level of the sport in the continent. 

The last day of competition at the Asian Karate Championships was focused on the Team Kumite categories. Iran produced a sensational performance today, so much so that the powerhouse nation of the sport took both gold medals at stake.

In Female Team Kumite, Iran defeated Japan in the final and got the title with a 2-1 victory in the title-deciding bout. Meanwhile, in Male Team Kumite, the Iranian side who are the current World champions confirmed their status as the biggest force in the category and added the continental title to their impressive tally of awards. In the final of the category, Iran beat Saudi Arabia by 3-0.

With Iran being crowned as the main dominator of the Team Kumite competition, the electric 2019 AKF Senior Championships concluded in Tashkent. After three memorable days of action, Japan topped the final medal table with 13 medals including 6 golds. The birth nation of the sport retained the top position at the event and maintained their authority at the continental level. Just as it happened in the last editions of the event, Iran took the second place with 11 medals and five golds. Meanwhile, hosts of Uzbekistan who had only won two medals last year finished in the third position with an impressive performance and seven awards including three gold medals.


Source: www.wkf.net

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