Jeff Whybrow Nunchucks 1985 (VIDEO)

Shihan Jeff Whybrow started training in Karate in January 1970 aged eleven years. After 4 years of training, he graded to Shodan in 1974 in Holland under at that time Shihan Steve Arneil, Shihan Tadashi Nakamura, Shihan Shigero Oyama.

He became one of the first BKK Grading Officers grading many of the current high grades and assisting Hanshi Steven Arneil teaching, demonstrating, and promoting Kyokushinkai Karate nationally and internationally.

Shihan Jeff trained and taught Kyokushin all over the world and performed many notable demonstrations at the prestigious annual British National Knockdown Tournaments. Shihan Jeff fought in the 2nd IKO World Tournament as a member of the British team, and his fight against Shihan Yashiko’s student Chuck Chism from the USA was the highlight of that tournament. Other memorable fights in his fighting career were against Bernard Creton and Dolph Lundgren at the British Nationals in 1979.

Shihan Jeff retired from teaching karate but still enjoys visiting dojos around the world and assisting in BKK tournaments when he is in the UK.

One of the everlasting performances of Shihan Jeff Whybrow is the 1985 Crystal Palace nunchucks demo at the British Karate Kyokushinkai Open Championships.

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