Jessica McCaskill is the new boxing queen after huge upset

Jessica McCaskill scored an upset 10-round decision win over the longest-reigning champion ever in women’s boxing Norway’s Cecilia Braekhus.

Jessica moved up in weight and matched the unified 140-pound titlist!

McCaskill met Brækhus at an agreed-upon 145-pound catchweight, moving up in weight but ultimately proving that size doesn’t matter in taking down the undisputed welterweight queen Saturday evening from a makeshift outdoor venue in downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Judge Karen Holderfield had it even at 95-95, overruled by judges Gerald Ritter and David Sutherland who had it 97-94 and 97-93 for McCaskill.

“I was thinking to myself that it takes a lot to take it away from the champion,” McCaskill said of those final moments.

McCaskill was by far the busier of the two, throwing 230 more punches than Braekhus, who landed at a much higher percentage (32% on 85-of-269, to 15% on 84-of-499 for McCaskill).

“I just stay real mellow and wait for the scorecards to be announced,” notes McCaskill. “When it’s time to celebrate, it’s time to celebrate.”

“I don’t want to talk about (the decision) right now. I just want to congratulate Jessica,” the ever classy Braekhus graciously stated in defeat. “She really wanted it. She did a great job and I’m proud and happy to pass the torch to her.”

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