Jorge Masvidal teases UFC return in November or December

The UFC’s only “BMF” champion crossed over for an exhibition with cornhole champion Cody Henderson dubbed a “grudge match” where Masvidal was spotted 15 points before the competition even began.

A few rounds later, Henderson not only stormed back but he defeated Masvidal in resounding fashion as the UFC veteran lost the match 21-15. According to Masvidal, he just started playing cornhole recreationally a few years ago but he might need a little more practice before taking on a pro.

“I’m going to keep practicing,” Masvidal said after the match. “I started playing maybe like three years ago at a barbecue and I loved it. It’s not something I get to do often but whenever it’s around, I play it. You couldn’t tell it by tonight.”

While a cornhole trophy may not be in his future, Masvidal’s real pursuit of UFC gold may continue later this year after he came up short in his bid to win the welterweight title back in July after losing a five-round decision to reigning champion Kamaru Usman.

Masvidal accepted the fight on just six days’ notice and he’s been itching for a rematch ever since.

While nothing is official, Masvidal hinted at his return to action before 2020 is finished, although it appears he’s still holding out hope for a rematch with Usman once the welterweight king is healed up from their first fight.

“Hopefully, December/November,” Masvidal said when asked about his UFC future. “My opponent has a broken nose, he’s going to be out for a couple days due to me. He does have a broken nose.

“I think next week we’re going to find out just how long he’s out for and then we’ll start determining who will be the next fight and where.”

As much as Masvidal might hope that Usman is his next opponent, UFC president Dana White has already stated that Gilbert Burns would be the person to challenge for the welterweight title. Burns was previously slated to face Usman at UFC 251 in July but he was pulled from the fight after testing positive for COVID-19.

Masvidal ultimately took his place but Burns remains the No. 1 contender with plans to face Usman before the year is over.

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