Roy Jones Jr on Mike Tyson fight: ‘I don’t run from nobody’

In this video interview with Fight Hub TV, Roy Jones Jr. explains why Mike Tyson will be dangerous early but hopes to take him into deep waters where he thinks the action will favor him. Jones also responds to those who think he’s crazy for taking this fight. Check it out…

“Those early rounds are his best round,” Jones said. “You gotta survive one, two, and three to get to six, seven, and eight. And surviving one, two, and three is hectic because it’s Mike Tyson.”

On what he thinks the weight difference between him and Tyson:

“Probably 40lbs. It might be between 25 and 40lbs.”

“I agree with them. I agree with them 100%.”

On why he’s doing it then:

“It’s something called heart. So, you got a heart, and you a winner, and you always wanna win — you can retire but that don’t stop.

“Mike Tyson, I can’t say no…I never looked like a coward in my whole career. I’ma run from Mike Tyson because he’s big? No, I’ma run to him! I don’t run from nobody.”

On if this will be his last fight:

“Of course this will be my last fight.”

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