Joshua warns Mike Tyson not to fight with “the young lions”

Unified world heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua warned the legend, Mike Tyson, not to get caught up with the current day and age boxers.

“Iron” Mike will be making a historical comeback this September 12 when he faces another icon of the past – Roy Jones Jr. The two will meet in an exhibition bout next month.

Tyson, 54, and Jones, 51, are way past their prime, and it is pretty clear fighting at this age is something they should be avoided, but that’s none of our business. Maybe just a little.

Joshua, the current heavyweight WBA, WBO, IBF, and IBO title holder, hopes the 54-year-old sticks to the exhibition bouts and does not try and make a return to the professional game.

“You see a clip on social media and you think: ‘He’s back in action, he’s fighting fit”, Joshua said to Sky Sports.

“But it’s like an old-time footballer doing a crossbar challenge!

“Tyson hitting pads with ferocious behavior is second nature to him. But to someone watching from home? It’s like he’s going to rule the heavyweight division. It’s a passion they both love, it’s what they know. Tyson has been fighting since he was 13. Jones’ dad pushed him to be great.

“It’s all they know. They haven’t got to compete with the young lions of the division. We’re bigger, stronger, science has improved so we have more technology.’

“If Tyson wants to come back and fight someone from his era, for the love of the sport? Crack on. I do hope it adds value to the sport we love.’

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