Joshua won’t be parting ways with Rob McCracken

Former unified world heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua (22-1) has once again dismissed the calls for replacing his long-time trainer Rob McCracken after his defeat to Andy Ruiz Jr. (33-1) earlier this year.

Joshua’s critics were all over the place after the Brit got knocked down 4 times and lost his world title in his last bout on June 1. A lot of boxing pundits and former boxers said that he needs to get a new trainer behind him that can elevate AJ’s game to another level.

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Joshua responded to them simply saying they are “shallow-minded, small-minded” and he won’t be getting rid of McCracken with whom he worked for 8 years now.

The 29-year-old Brit will soon be starting his training camp for the December 7 rematch with the American-Mexican, as he’s aware that he needs to bring new and fresh blood to his team.

“These people aren’t cut from the same cloth if that’s what they are suggesting. Whoever has that mindset should not bother talking to me, if they have that mindset.

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“How could they say that? I’ve worked with two people in boxing – Sean Murphy, my trainer at Finchley amateur gym. Then a year-and-a-half later I was up to Sheffield training with Rob McCracken.

“They have built me, aside from boxing, as the man I am today. A father, a family man, a businessman who understands the responsibility of being a young African-British kid. They built that in me. You can’t take that away. You can take the belts away – they will be gone when I retire. The man that they built? You can’t take that away.

“The man that will help to inspire my kids and other kids? You can’t take that away. I should never get rid of those types of people. Because I lost the belts I should get rid of the people that built me? No way. It’s shallow-minded, small-minded.

“Mike Tyson could have lost to anyone but you can’t get rid of Cus D’Amato. People do not truly understand what these people mean to your life.”

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