Juan Estrada had to work hard vs. Carlos Cuadras

Juan Francisco Estrada went through pure fire to beat Carlos Cuadras by an 11th round knockout win in a war on Friday night TV Azteca Studios in Mexico City.

It wasn’t supposed to be this hard for the WBC flyweight champion as known as “Galla”, but he was dropped hard in the third round by the 32-year-old Cuadras, and he took countless massive shots.

But in the end, Estrada recovered and took control over the fight to drop Cuadraas twice in the 11th round. Interestingly enough, Cuadras kept fighting hard after the second knockdown, and he was catching Estrada with some big shots with little flurries that he was throwing.

Estrada will now be fighting WBA super flyweight champion Roman Gonzalez next in early 2021. We’ll have to see what Estrada has left after this fight, as it might have taken something out of him.

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