Kakuryu stays unbeaten in Nagoya

Five-time champion Kakuryu improved to a perfect 12-0 stats on Day 12 at “Dolphins Arena” in Nagoya.

This time a victory over No. 6 maegashira Chiyotairyu (6-6) was needed.

Fellow yokozuna Hakuho (11-1) outmaneuvered sekiwake Mitakeumi (7-5) in the day’s engaging final bout.

Struggling sekiwake Tamawashi improved to 2-10 after driving out No. 4 Meisei (2-10).

Komusubi Abi (5-7) is one defeat away from a losing record after slipping to the clay in his match with No. 2 Endo (7-5).

Komusubi Ryuden (3-9) suffered a thrust- out defeat to No. 2 Aoiyama (6-6).

Among the rank and file, No. 16 Terutsuyoshi (10-2) kept his place on the leaderboard by pushing out No. 7 Myogiryu (8-4).

Three wrestlers — No. 4 Ichinojo, No. 10 Kotoeko and No. 16 Kotoyuki — ensured winning records by improving to 8-4.

The biggest man in the division, former sekiwake Ichinojo used his 227-kg bulk to wrap up No. 7 Tomokaze (9-3) and force him over the straw.

Kotoeko knocked back No. 13 Sadanoumi (7-5) with a two-arm thrust before slapping him down.

Kotoyuki notched a winning return to the top division after pushing out No. 12 Kagayaki (6-6).

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