Kamaru Usman vs. Jorge Masvidal 2 reportedly close to being made

Kamaru Usman will likely get his wish of fighting Jorge Masvidal next time out.

After Usman scored a third-round TKO win over Gilbert Burns to defend his welterweight title he called out Masvidal. Although he clearly won the fight at UFC 251, Usman wasn’t happy that he didn’t get the finish and the excuse of “Gamebred” taking it on six day’s notice was being used.

“We got this little street thug calling himself Jesus. He’s thinking he is Jesus. And you know Joe, we tried to make that fight several times. They tried to make that fight. But he kept backing out. The only reason this man took the (previous) fight is because it was on six days notice and he had a built-in excuse.” Usman said of Masvidal after UFC 258. “And he is still running his mouth talking about he broke my nose and stepping in on six days. Give him three weeks and he is going to do something. Guess what? It’s not done. I will give you a whole training camp. I guarantee you won’t sign on that dotted line because this time I’m going to finish your ass.”

Since the callout, the two were reportedly in consideration to coach TUF. Yet, recently, Kamaru Usman said he was no longer being generous in giving Masvidal the rematch. Instead, he said anyone can get it, but it appears the rematch is close to happening, according to ESPN’s Ariel Helwani.

“This fight’s not dead. Honestly, I’d be shocked if this fight (between Usman and Masvidal) doesn’t happen. They’re pretty close from what I’m told,” Helwani reported.

Despite the fight already happening, the rematch between Kamaru Usman vs. Jorge Masvidal will likely do big business again. It is a fight that does make sense as there isn’t a clear number one contender at welterweight.

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