Karate officially out of Paris 2024

The International Olympic Committee has officially announced its decision to exclude Karate from the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris.

The martial arts will make its Olympic debut next year in Tokyo, but the Olympic official has decided that there won’t be any Karate in France’s capital city. The exclusion of karate was made in 2019, with millions of karatekas hoping for a change of heart.

Meanwhile, IOC President Thomas Bach announced the new disciplines that will make a debut at the 2024 Games – breakdance, surfing, skateboarding, and climbing.

Japanese martial art also has two competitions: Kumite and Kata.

  • Kumite is your Karate Kid-style competition, where two karatekas try to beat each other in a sparring bout.
  • Kata is demonstrating the forms and moves of karate, showcasing offensive and defensive movements targeting a virtual opponent.

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