Karate star Antonio Diaz recognised by Guinness World Records

Guinness World Records, the global authority on record-breaking recognised Karate star Antonio Diaz of Venezuela for his successful career at the World Championships. 

The Venezuelan Kata ace received the recognition of most medals won at the World Karate Championship. Guinness World Records distinguished the 38-year-old karateka for claiming up to eight medals at Karate’s biggest competition.

Antonio Diaz became World Champion twice when he took the gold medals at the 2010 and 2012 World Championships. The karateka who is also a member of the WKF Athletes’ Commission won silver at the 2008 World Championships in Tokyo. The fan-favourite athlete’s outstanding career at the World Championships is completed with five bronze medals which were claimed at the events in Madrid 2002, Monterrey 2004, Tampere 2006, Bremen 2014, and Linz 2016.

“I have achieved every goal that I set for myself in my career and it was never to please anyone but me. I was leaving (the sport) when a new goal appeared: taking the road to the Olympic Games for the first time. I stayed. So, (while I was aiming for this goal) I achieved another recognition accidentally: I became the karateka (male) who has won the greatest number of medals in individual competitions in the history of the WKF World Karate Championship,” said Antonio Diaz.

“Karate is for fighters and no one should give up without giving the fight. Your dreams are yours; your ways are yours, your times, your desires, your steps… Nobody can tell you when to start and when to stop because wonderful things can happen to you on the way,” added the Venezuelan karateka.

Source: www.wkf.net

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