Kash Ali’s boxing licence suspended after David Price biting incident

Kash Ali (15-1-0), who bit his fellow countryman David Price (24-6-0) during their fight this past Saturday in Liverpool, will get his boxing license suspended by the BBBofC.

The incident happened in the 5th round of the match when Ali took Price on the canvas and bit him while both boxers were on the ground. The referee, Mark Lyson, who had earlier docked Ali a point for hitting the back of Price’s head, immediately disqualified him and awarded the victory to Price, who had been ahead on the scorecards.

Ali is expected to face a hearing in front of the Board of Control’s Central Council on April 13. Here’s what the Liverpudlian had to say after the fight:

“I don’t want to share the ring again with an animal like that,” he said. “He did a couple early on and I thought he had lost his head completely. I hurt him to the body just before the final bite he took.”

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