Kazan will host the National championship of Russia

On March 1-5, 2019, Kazan will host The Championships of Russia among men and women in sports SAMBO and in combat SAMBO.

The competitions are in 27 weight categories will take place at the Palace of Martial Arts “Ak Bars”.

The best of the best are going to compete for the right to join the national team of Russia that will perform at the European and World Championships in 2019.

The official opening ceremony will take place on March 2 at 10:00, and at 17:00 the finals of the first competition day will begin.

Big names are going to attend the tournament – three-time European champion, 7-time World champion Artyom Osipenko (Bryansk Oblast), two-time European champion, 6-time World champion Alsim Chernoskulov (Sverdlovsk Oblast), two-time European champion, 6-time World champion Marina Mokhnatkina (Perm Oblast), two-time European champion, 4-time World champion Maria Molchanova (Perm Oblast), two-time European champion in combat SAMBO, two-time World champion Denis Goltsov (St. Petersburg), three-time Russian champion, two-time World champion in combat SAMBO Rustam Talda (St. Petersburg), two-time European champion, three-time World champion Vadim Nemkov (Stary Oskol) and many others.

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