Meksen: I want to win this fight in a spectacular way

Тhe current GLORY super-bantamweight champion, Anissa Meksen, is feeling comfortable ahead of next Saturday’s rematch with Tiffany van Soest.

“I’ll make sure she never wants to get in the ring with me again. I want to win this fight in a spectacular way that people remember for a long time afterwards. She’s a very smart fighter, a very complete set of skills. She’s the best opponent I ever had, actually,” says Meksen.

“I don’t know her on a personal level though, and I want to keep it that way. It’s not that I like or dislike her, I just want to fight her. The first time I fought a clever fight. I didn’t want to take too much risk, I just wanted to get the belt. But this time will be different – this time, I want to destroy her.”
Meksen was the winner by way of unanimous decision at GLORY 48, but the fight was closer than the result suggests. 
“Our first fight was tough. She was a really game opponent and also my arms and legs just felt heavy, I was suffering from jetlag,” says Meksen.
“I had some trouble adjusting to the time difference and also there was some pressure from the fight being in Madison Square Garden. 
“But I feel like I won that fight the day before, at the face-off during the weigh ins. And in the open workouts as well, Tiffany was watching me and she looked nervous.”

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