Kendo in High Speed Camera (Slow Motion)

This Kendo clip is from Japan Public Broadcasting’s documentary on ” A Human’s reaction ablitiy”.The show includeded a short track start,Pro Baseball batter and Light weight Boxcer as well. Interest thing about the show was that former studies suggested that Human can not react no faster than 0.2 second limted bb the speed of electric pulse running through eye – frontal cortex brain – the body muscle..But, new sport analysis studis found some athletes could react in less than 0.2 second. Mr. Tanakanabe had much better reactive ability than Mr. Teramoto’s. But, he could not catch up Teramoto’s Men already released before his. Takanabe mentioned in his interview later that” He froze for a moment when Teramoto change his move from aiming DO to MEM”. This split second frozen moment made his defeat. The narration concluded the segment stating that ” Takanabe won in reactive superiority, but Teramoto won in Kendo”.


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