Klitschko is backing Joshua in Andy Ruiz rematch

The close relationship between former champions Anthony Joshua and Wladimir Klitschko is no secret to anyone, so there is no surprise that the Ukrainian legend is confident that AJ will win his rematch with Andy Ruiz.

The Olympic gold medallist will be seeking revenge against the Mexican-American in Saudi Arabia on December 7 for the loss in June and “Dr. Steelhammer” believes that he will succeed.

“I think it’s getting exciting. You looked kind of bored of the same name conquering the division for a decade, so you have different players. I believe this mixed names in the heavyweight division makes it appealing. I am definitely looking forward to the rematch, Andy Ruiz, as a champion, against Anthony Joshua. We know Anthony has lost, as anyone can lose, and now we’re going to watch how he is going to manage this challenge to become champion again. I could think anything but the reality is everyone can lose a fight. But not everyone can recover. ‘It’s the next challenge and I really wish to Anthony that he’s going to make it. No disrespect to Andy Ruiz, I think he’s done an amazing job. But I’ve always been a fan of Anthony since we fought, we’ve met, since actually I was watching him win an Olympic gold medal. To both the fighters – good luck, let the strongest win. I just really hope Anthony is going to make it.”, Klitschko said during an interview with Seconds Out.

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