The King of Kings promotion made its comeback this past week in Vilkanastrai, Lithuania with the first-ever KOK Classic.

The show was conducted without fans in the building due to the coronavirus restrictions by the government. All kickboxing fights were restricted to two-minutes rounds.

The main event of the night was a clash between Henrikas Viksraitis (Lithuania) and Denis Makowski (Poland). The bout was conducted in the -75 kg category. Viksraitis is the KOK World Lightweight Champion, but this time his belt wasn’t on the line. The Lithuanian managed to get the win via UD.

-70 kg: Dovydas Rimkus (Lithuania) DRAW Daniel Szott (Poland)
In the co-main event, rising star Dovydas Rimkus (5-0-1) escaped with a draw against tough Polish fighter Daniel Szott.

-80 kg: Dominykas Dirkstys (Lithuania) DRAW Raimondas Avlasevicius (Lithuania)

-86 kg: Ricardas Kulis (Lithuania) def. Deividas Bartaska (Lithuania)-KO Round 2

-67 kg: Lukasz Leczycki (Poland) DRAW Eduard Misins (Latvia)

-69 kg: Vitas Karosas (Lithuania) DRAW Laurynas Sriubiskis (Lithuania)

-68 kg: Shamil Dzamaldaev (Latvia) def. Samuelis Sorochovas (Lithuania)-UD

KOK Classic Part 1 Results

-76 kg: Lukas Banevicius (Lithuania) def. Simonas Rackauskas (Lithuania)-UD

+95 kg (ZST MMA): Zilvinas Kymantas (Lithuania) DRAW Arturas Kudresovas (Lithuania)

-60 kg: Aleksandr Cerkesov (Latvia) def. Ernest Gerasimovic (Lithuania)-Unanimous Decision

-73 kg (ZST MMA): Osvald Fedorovic (Lithuania) def. Deividas Daividavicius (Lithuania)-UD

-85 kg: Einars Goldberg (Latvia) def. Eimantas Zdancius (Lithuania)-TKO End of Round 2

-52 kg: Ieva Mitkute (Lithuania) def. Anniya Meksha (Latvia)-Decision

-88 kg: Mantus Janusis (Lithuania) def. Aurimas Dumbrauskas (Lithuania)-Decision

Source: www.kickboxingz.com

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