KWU International camp continues in full force

Despite grueling training this morning, fighters from the KWU International Professional League camp in Sofia showed no signs of fatigue in the second session of the day.

Over 200 fighters from 12 countries made a second joint training of the day in the “Arena Armeec” hall. Kickboxing, Kyokushin and Muay Thai practitioners were again divided into two groups, this time exchanging instructors.

The group, led by Peter Aerts this morning, was taken over by Semmy Schilt.

The legends of K-1 again did not betray their style and made a quality and varied training for the participants in the camp

Four-time K-1 heavyweight Grand Prix champion Semmy Shilt focuses on proper impact protection and the types of blocking techniques that fighters can use in their training to protect themselves and their partners from injury.

The three-time K-1 heavyweight Grand Prix champion Peter Aerts started the training with instructions and details for proper execution of warm-up techniques and games. 

He continued the exercise, emphasizing the importance of combinations of strong punches and kicks and changing attack levels. For the final part, Aerts “squeezed” the fighters, subjecting them to intervals of repetitions of high-intensity techniques.

The training day is not over, because an evening session awaits them. The program of the event in Sofia is complete tomorrow and ends with training on Sunday (28.02).

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