Lebedev: Alexander’s punch was in the style of a young Mike Tyson

Alexander Povetkin of Russia won the interim world heavyweight championship of the World Boxing Council (WBC), after a sensation knockout of Dillian Whyte.

Whyte had controlled the fight and had Povetkin down twice in the fourth – when Povetkin fired off a single left uppercut to knock Whyte out cold in the fifth round!

Povetkin, 40-years-old, was a big underdog – but entered the fight with a huge edge of experience when it comes to the amateur and pro ranks.

Former cruiserweight champion Denis Lebedev was very impressed with Povetkin’s win.

Image: БТА

“There can be only one opinion on this fight [between Whyte and Povetkin] – it’s just the beauty of boxing,” Lebedev said to Oleg Bogatov.

“This is what the heavyweight division is famous for. It would seem that everything is already a foregone conclusion, but no, not in this case, not today. Bam and that’s it…. an extravaganza – what a beautiful knockout. Probably, we can say that Alexander’s punch was in the style of a young Mike Tyson. It was a cool punch, everything was done in a textbook manner – a beautiful entrance, kicked off, a punch from a slope to the chin. This is a school boxing of the USSR.”

“The year is not over yet, but I think it will be one of the brightest knockouts [of 2020]. And, of course, it can become the knockout of the year.”

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