Legend Peter Aerts – directly from the plane to training with SC “Armeec”

Dutch kickboxing legend Peter Aerts visited Bulgaria for the first time. “The Dutch Lumberjack” just landed in the Balkan country and instant visited bulgarian kickbox and muay thai stars from Sports club “Armeec”.

Aerts is invited by Bulgarian confederation of kickboxing and muay thai.

He is a three-time K-1 World Grand Prix Champion, with devastating 106 wins. 79 of them by knockout!

Peter gave exclusive interview for Boec.COM.

It is going to be presented on Bulgaria ON AIR TV as part of the „BOEC.BG“ show on Sunday at 19:00.

“The Dutch Lumberjack” showed his signature moves on the training of Sports club “Armeec”. Bulgarian pro fighters and their coaches were impressed.

Everyone was happy to meet such a great kickboxer – one of the greatest of all time.

Peter Aerts will be a special guest at the training camp in Belmeken, Sofia, organized by Bulgarian confederation of kickboxing and muay thai. The camp will take place between 8-10 February.

In October legends Semmy Schilt, Ernesto Hoost, Aleksandr Pichkunov and Samart Payakaroon were part of training camp in Varna, Bulgaria.


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