Liam Harrison tо face Khyzer Hayat Nawaz at YOKKAO 48

Jeremy Payet is now out of the fight against UK legend Liam Harrison for the main event at YOKKAO 48.

The French fighter sustained an injury in the course of preparation for the coming bout and will pull out from the show on 7 March.

Harrison’s return to Bolton will not be hampered and the main event still goes on. Stepping up to the challenge is Spanish Muay Thai champion, Khyzer Hayat Nawaz.

He is nicknamed “The Destroyer”, and has competed on the world stage in numerous notable promotions. The 26-year-old holds a record of 35 wins in 45 fight appearances with 14 by way of knockout. Making his promotional debut at YOKKAO 48, we expect Khyzer Hayat to go all-out to prove himself against his world-renowned opponent.

YOKKAO 47-48 features a roster of the best that the UK has to offer with exciting match-ups including Brian Totty vs Jack Kennedy, Joe Craven vs Niall Brown, Dean James vs Daren Rolland, Niamh Kinehan vs Nora Cornolle, and Stuart Stabler vs Jonno Chipchase.

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