Little girls kills it at muay thai training (VIDEO)

It’s a truth as old as time – the more practice you get, the better you get. There’s no other way around it, especially in martial arts.

Here we present you an awesome video of a little girl who is doing her muay thai pads work with her coach. As we can all see, the girl is no more than 35-40 kilograms, but her kicks and punches are nothing short of devastating.

It’s clear she’s been into muay thai for some time now, as her technique and smooth movement are almost flawless. Once again – it’s not about the power and the muscles – it’s about doing it over and over and over again!

Полина отработка на пэдах #WAK1F #WKA #MUAYTHAI Polina Lunina

Публикувахте от Agaron Muay Thai в Събота, 2 ноември 2019 г.

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