Peter Aerts posts old video of himself doing kickboxing power combos (VIDEO)

World kickboxing’s living legend Peter Aerts might be retired, but the Dutchman delivered once again.

Aerts, who is a three-time K-1 heavyweight champion, reached 50 000 followers on his official Instagram profile and thanked his fans in a spectacular fashion.

“The Dutch Lumberjack” has asked his followers what they want to see on his profile and people have spoken – old videos and training sessions. Aerts, of course, was and still is one of the most iconic fighters and we’re guessing he was a busy man with all the films and workout videos he did during his fighting days.

Aerts, 49, posted a video of an old videotape doing some kickboxing power combinations with a partner. No need to say – if you love martial arts, you need to check it out.

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